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I heard that wordpress was giving members 3 gb of space. . . however, i didn’t realize we’re still limited to just image files and ms-word docs.

Hmm. We need to serve up other file types. For instance, I’m wanting to serve up a few .zip packages that contain MS Visual Studio projects. These packages are in the KB, and if .doc files can be served up from the blog, shouldn’t code packages be too?

There are a number of options though

!!! My pick (I am moving to, Jan 1/09. I’ll still use esnips, but mediafire looks really neat.)

ugh.. microsoft skydrive. I really DO NOT like how it downloads through a script request. its annoying!!

links like

I like 4shared.

Other fileupload hosts


Download links like
1 – 99 day storage period
Upload seems to be a tad slow, but I only uploaded a small testfile


Links like
– Longevity: 30 minute expiry
– Comments: Doesn’t meet my needs here, but i can see how this would be useful for distributing a smaller file quickly among 5 or 6 friends quickly and easily.

links like
Too many “hoops” to jump through to get to final download. Limited unless you have premium.

links like
pretty good

links like is stupid because it requires a captcha

WOW. This one is really glossy. Links like CLICK TO DOWNLOAD!. NO LOGIN REQUIRED TO UPLOAD! Really neat! (Tested Thurs Jan 1 / 09) !!! NEW PICK Jan 1 /09


I’m still looking for a file host that will give me a direct link that I can just post to my blog, without requiring redirection.

The closest thing to this that i’ve found is hfs, which allows you to easily set a folder to see the public internet.

It also does a good job of getting around routers, you just have to port forward.

The best thing would be . . .

Of course, the best thing would be if wordpress actually allowed users to upload other types of files. Although there’s potential for abuse, I want/need to upload code packages (.zip files that contain .cpp files).

WordPress COULD allow .zip archives up to a maximum of say, 8MB or so. Code packages will be something in the KB, so they won’t cause traffic problems.


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  1. i always use to upload my files the free file hosting they offer is awesome because the max file size is 1GB

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