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Many, many people, when starting out with DirectX or other Microsoft technologies, go and look for a simple book on the topic.

Many newbies do not know about MSDN. Or, if they do know about MSDN, they don’t know just HOW GOOD and complete it is, simply because they’ve never tried to use it before.

The MSDN documentation CAN BE a bit annoying, simply because its so damn huge.

It is very well organized though, and if you browse through the tree hierarchy on the left (once you’ve got a good starting point!), then its very useful indeed.

The search tool doesn’t always find you the article you’re looking for though, so sometimes trying different search strings can help. Just because a bunch of weird irrelevant stuff turns up in an MSDN search, doesn’t mean that MSDN doesn’t have what you’re looking for!

IN FACT, MOST OF THE BOOKS out there on DirectX SIMPLY ADAPT OR EXPAND ON THE MSDN DOCUMENTATION. A LOT of the time, the book just provides you a subset of what MSDN provides, while not making the material all that much clearer. SOME of the books on DirectX out there are like drinking from a murky pond, while the clearer (not 100% clear, though) lake is right next to it.

As I mentioned, it can be a TAD annoying to have to LOOK FOR the appropriate MSDN article.

So here’s a pageful of links:


The rest of these links you can find by simply following the above DirectX links, but I’m including them here for convenience.

MSDN docs on DirectInput

MSDN docs on DirectSound

More interesting stuff from MS. . .

Microsoft XNA presentations – has stuff from Gamefest, SIGGRAPH, and GDC (near the bottom of the page)


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