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This is a game that can be played by two people on any sheet of 4 square paper.

First, you just draw a track randomly on the 4 square. Try to make it at least 2 squares wide most of the time.


  1. All lines must be
    • straight
    • completely within the track
  2. No colliding (you can’t land on the same place that someone else is already on)
  3. You can only go one more square, OR, one less square than you did on your last move. Applies to BOTH directions independently.

    So for example, on the first move, red moves 1 to the right. This means on his next move he can move EITHER 1 to the right, 2 to the right, or 0 to the right. So for his second move, he goes +1 right and +1 down.




    • saha
    • Posted September 10, 2008 at 4:01 pm
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    im want pay bicycle

  1. play!! it is fun, i assure you.

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