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Wow! WordPress really did it this time.

They totally overhauled the UI for this site. And it, at first glance, seems fantastic.

It seems they’ve fixed a lot of the little annoyances that were in the previous version of WordPress. As usual, very Ajax-y too.

Anyway, I’m currently reading about Hibernate because I want to start using it at work.

Sunday at 6:30pm is the only time I have to do research on how to better do my 9-to-9 job —

Well, I couldn’t read at any other time. I’m still working on finishing Super Metroid for SNES.

Jeez. Do I suck, or is programming just really really involved?

Anyway, in Hibernate Quickly, Nick Heudecker says:

Data that oulives the process that created it.

Great def, and I just had to share it with ya. Seems like this is a great book so far. Amazon reviews only give it 3 stars, but Amazon reviews aren’t always accurate.

This book and Walsh’s DirectX book really get smashed pretty unfairly.

Anyway, anyway.


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