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looking for a cure for bruxism

Well, the NTI device has recently been FDA approved. The NTI device causes the bruxer to put pressure on only the front teeth, as opposed to allowing the rear teeth to make contact.

Don’t get excited yet. The NTI device is NOT all peaches and roses.

I got an NTI device, but I had to stop using it after 2 days because my jaw felt like it was being displaced. When I first woke up in the morning, there wasn’t any pain, but my rear bottom molars contacted the GUM TISSUE BEHIND my last molar at the top, where my wisdom teeth used to be.

That’s bad news if I ever saw it. I was on my way to developing “Anterior Open Bite”, or AOB.

If I kept using the NTI device, it’d be weeks before I had really bad AOB (see also this, slide #34 in the presentation). AOB is a bad problem in dentistry and can be corrected by surgery.

What made me REALLY stop the nti device though, was the new tinnitus noise it introduced. The day after I used the NTI splint, I developed (during the __day__, not while sleeping) a new tinnitus noise that I didn’t have before.

The NTI seems to have done weird things with my TMJ and I believe it can exacerbate or produce tinnitus; I’m not willing to try this long enough to prove it, but I think I’ve had a taste. Notice that nowhere on the NTI site is tinnitus acknowledged. NTI solves migranes. NTI doesn’t say anything about tinnitus.

SO, before you plunge in and just go BUY an NTI, I think what you should do first is try the Stop Bruxing Now! course with MyoTrac. Check out my other post (‘extreme solution for tmj’) and use the software I wrote (and will be updating soon!) to help, OR connect the output of your MyoTrac to a big stereo to amplify the noise. You need a 2.5mm adapter to connect the output of MyoTrac to your stereo, just go to Radio Shack or The Source and ask.



  1. update: dear bruxer. please believe me when I say that the best cure for bruxing is to do nothing at all.

    there is no cure for bruxing. there is no cure for

    I don’t want to send you on wild goose chases.. try anything you like, try it all, but in the end, you will end up just accepting what you have.

    It really isn’t all that bad. I can hear it right now – eeeeeeeeeeee. But you know what? I don’t mind it. Believe it or not, I do not mind it anymore.

    I have accepted it. Through fighting, through battling, through trying to defeat the tinnitus, I realized, the best way to defeat it is to accept it.

    I know it makes you angry. I know it makes you mad. I know it drives you quite batty sometimes. But do not let it. Do not let it, and it won’t. Do not listen to it. Do not aggravate it with loud noise, but do not become abnormally sensitive to all noise.

    The human ear is a robust, powerful thing. Everybody’s ears ring. Just to different degrees.

    The more it bothers you, the louder it seems.

    • trish
    • Posted October 8, 2009 at 12:57 pm
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    I wish I had read this before my open bite caused by NTI splint.
    and my tinnuitis, popping, and chewing problems…
    Dentist wants me to get a ‘new’ kind.
    I think i will just try meditation for now…
    I have no pain but all the other things just mentioned. hopefully, i can correct
    these all myself over time??

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