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it seems like a lot of my friends from college are moving towards the management-consulting type. some claim to still ‘get their hands dirty.’

my question is, why not have your full time job be playing in the sand of technical development?

one friend (who is a dba) was asking another about web development.

“if i want to build a site and start my own company — should i learn to code it myself or should i try to hire others?”

the management consultant guy said “well, what you would do is plan your vision, then hire some guys to do the coding work for you.

some management consultants are idiots. i vehemently disagreed.

code it yourself. duh man

if you look around, any successful website was the vision of at least one of its coders, if not all. youtube, gmail, facebook, 280slides… you name it. sites that have the visionary as part of the development team in my opinion have a better chance to succeed than those that don’t.

why? because! in development is power. The power to realize that image you have in your head of how the site will work directly into lines of code that do it.

The power to shift things around in the space of an hour in a way that would take a “manager” 1 hour just to communicate to the developer what he wants done. Then the iterative process of “its not right yet” — going back and forth — then the inevitable change of mind of the manager who doesn’t touch code.

People who don’t touch code usually don’t know exactly what it takes to get a specific job done. People who don’t code seldom are aware of what is possible, and how easy or hard it should be.

Its like a basketball player and his coach. The coach might make suggestions about how the players should play, but ultimately its the players who know what’s possible and what’s not given the team they’re against, because they are the ones “in the field” and they work it everyday.

Its easy for a non-technical manager to simply not know how hard something really is to do, or how easy something should be to do — because perhaps an open source library exists that does the very thing desired.


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