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well, i recently heard about flock browser after being disappointed by firefox memory leaks.

Trying flock, it looks like:
Flock browser

Flock is based on the Mozilla engine. They basically took it and tweaked it so that it doesn’t leak as much.

Now, let’s look at memory usage, Firefox 3.1 vs Flock 1.2.4. Now I’m NOT sure if Flock 1.2.4 is based on Firefox 2 or firefox 3. but let’s compare anyway.

WELL I’m not going to bother. I visited a string of sites. When you first start up flock, its good with mem usage about 2/3 that of vanilla ff. however, after hitting a few sites, the browser racks up 80 then 100 then 200MB of mem usage, just like original firefox.

all in all there’s no point using flock if you’re trying to get away from memory leaks. firefox has deeply rooted problems that cause its leaks .. until someone gets in there and cleans it out, it will continue.


One Comment

  1. Hey Bo,

    Thanks for trying out Flock.

    The version you tried, 1.2.4, is based on Firefox 2.

    However, Flock 2.0 is currently in beta, and it is based on Firefox 3, which has made significant performance improvements.

    The beta is quite stable, you might consider trying it out:


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