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dental specialists in ontario at least are now handing out these ‘privacy forms’ when you first visit them.

i don’t recall this being the case previously, but it may have, its just i didn’t know, i seldom visited specialists as an adult.

the deal is they ask you to sign a form that says the dentist is allows to openly communicate your information.

They have all these promises that they won’t sell your information to third parties or whatever, but that’s not something I really believe. The legal form BASICALLY says “i hereby sign that i fully trust this doctor to communicate about my medical history to others as he sees fit.”

What I want is a carbon copy of every communication that doctors send to each other regarding me. Honestly.

Doctors today behave like bad parents. they hide information from you and discuss your case as if you are their child; but they won’t disclose to you the full details about what they’ve said unless you wrest it from their hands by paying something like $50 to the government agency that keeps your health records.


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