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I love to log things.

New things I find, I put here.

I run Ardamax Keylogger on my work machine.


Ever have MS Word crash on you, and your data is now lost because autorecover just didn’t work?

Ever use a web app, type in a ton of stuff, then have Firefox peter out on you? I know this has happened to me numerous times.

Ever write something one week, then COMPLETELY forget where you saved the document and not want to wait 18 hours for Windows search to find it?


The one I use is called Ardamax.

What’s cool is Ardamax also takes screenshots every 10 minutes of what you’re currently looking at.

So it tracks how you’ve spent your time.

Granted, this isn’t always the best thing.

Anyway, it is a major security hazard for the paranoid. What if someone wrote a virus to have the keylogger send all data to some server.. bad news. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad news.

So, methinks me should write a keylogger that can export all its data to some external drive. That is what these keyloggers should do anyway.. on a disc .. it will add up to GB of data after sometime anyway..


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