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a while ago i got the friends boxed set.

it was around the time the show ended and it was all reruns on tv.

so i decided to get the boxed set and watch them all.

here are my notes on my favs

1-05: The East German Laundry Detergent
– ross runs into the open washer door

1-18: All The Poker
– generally a good one

1-24: Where Rachel Finds out
– a good one

2-03: TOW Heckles Dies
– this one is funny – can’t remember why
– one on the intro screen w/ stamping the floor

– the one where the monkey is in the movie –

the one where dr. romorea dies b/c of the water splashing

2-23: TOW the chicken pox
– this is the one where Joey gets a job at Chandler’s office. very funny.

3-1: TOW princess leia
– “I said share, not scare!”

4-??: TOW where ross plays his piano

4-11: tow joey gets a job at the museum

4-13: TOW rachel’s crush
– driver’s licenses at the end

4-14: TOW joey stinks and chandler is getting over kathy

4-19: “morning’s here” and ross says he will marry emily (british girl). this one is funny.

the whoopah one is funny

4-23: ross’s wedding (parts 1 & 2)
– part 2 has “I could kill you with my thumb”

5:05: where joey finds out
– “rules help control the fun”

5:12: the one with chandler’s fake laugh

5-14: the one where everyone finds out
5-15: the one with the girl who hits joey
– chandler asks monica to marry him

5-16: the one with the cop
– is the one with the couch moving

6-04: where ross is going to give a lecture, practices

6-06: where rachel moves out

6-07: “running from satan”

// the middle of the season here kind of drags…

then from 6-14 on, its really good

6-14: The one where chandler can’t cry

6-16: The One Where It Could Have Been

6-17: The One With Unagi
– this is very funny

7-14: The One where they all turn 30
– joey says “why God why”

7-15 – shows flat out refusal is funny
– not a fav

7-16: The one with the truth about London
– has Joey’s giving and sharing speech
– has the ross doll at the end.. very funny

8-3: The one where rachel tells ross
– this has chandler’s airport bomb scene at the end

8-4: The one with the video tape
– europe story
– “it was like flying with the riddler”
– “was that another joke?”
– “was that another question?”

8-13: The one where Ross takes a step forward
– “oh what the.. B+”

8-22-8-23: both really use the whole 180 degree shift in attitude for comic effect

// in the eps after brad pitt appears, Rachel is REALLY on the spot/bang on
// with her acting and exhibited interpersonal skills/witty cleverness

9-2: The one where Emma cries is kind of funny.. it has
the acting is a bit off.. this is the first of a new season
ross breaks his thumb on a punch

9-16: in the latter half of season 9, chandler’s really coming out as a funny character

9-17: the one with the memorial service

9-19: is some well done acting by joey – at the end with rachel
TOW All The Resiloustions
TOW Princess Consuela
TO In Vegas
TOW No One Proposes
TO After Ross Says Rachel
TOW No Ones Ready


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