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I didn’t think it’d be any good, but I’m presently trying to use an XBOX 360 controller instead of a mouse

Its kind of good. Not THAT good. I guess its analogous to using that old time BALL that sat on the tip of some cone shaped “mouse” thing. Like, it was an inverted mouse with the trackball exposed and you rolled the trackball with yoru fingers to control the mouse.

This is like that in that its not as EASY to do fine control as with the mouse. The mouse uses your whole hand to control, this just the thumb, so you loose a good bit of dexterity naturally.

Configuring both the left and right joypads to control the mouse is a bit neat/weird. Its like connecting 2 mouses at the same time. YOu get a bit of extra control, but you seldom need it unless you’re playing a game with it. T hen you might as well just use a mouse, right?

Anyway, pretty cool.


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