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Fog as a cheap depth cue

I’m trying to build something cool here. not telling what is, but you can guess from the screens, I suppose ;).

So I needed to make sure my frustum cull was working right. I could never tell which objects were further away or closer in orthographic mode (naturally), so I wanted a solution for this.

Yesterday and the day before I discovered Bryce and I was following some really good tutorials on it. It was very painful to go through ALL THAT UI stuff in one day, but I did it.

So like there’s a depth cue in Bryce which is just simple fog. DUH!!!! Fog makes things that are further away appear grayer. (Well bryce actually fades it out so you can’t see it anymore).

I like to be able to see everything all the time, so I just left the background default corny-blue and made the fog color gray. The spheres are supposed to be black, frustum lines yellow.


It really helps!


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