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well, i was a caffeine junkie for years.

then i quit. two weeks ago.

yes, i DO feel that I am somewhat.. less capable. Caffeine does something to your brain that makes it work faster. So i’m without that – naturally a bit mentally slower than I “usually” am (perpetual caffeine high).

BUT I get more work done. You know why? Because time at the computer isn’t any longer this frenetic, frenzied rush from code to website to distraction to code to website to distraction. My brain isn’t going off like that anymore – I don’t feel as distractable.

So, I AM more productive. And guess what? When I do take a mild cup of tea or two, it has a much stronger effect than the strongest coffee used to give me. It makes me feel faster, and gives me this quick boost and slight euphoria, and some focus. Because I take it when I need to focus.

I know I just said that being on caffeine all the time made time at the computer frenzied, and it does, when I’m not sure what I’m doing. But when I have a set purpose and task I must accomplish and I gulp some caffeine down to help, it does help, as long as I keep fixated on my goal.


One Comment

  1. For me now, there is no difference.

    Or I just drink week coffe?

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