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I would write about my recent experiences, but that would be a lot of detailed.

I will just summarize my observations:

  1. beautiful women with brains do exist. This is not a myth.
  2. When you see a woman you like, talk to her immediately. DO NOT HESITATE. If you do not do this in a public place, then you’ll lose her in probably 4 seconds. She’ll leave if you make the eye contact then you shy out. In a place where you will have repeated contact, talking to her immediately avoids build up and pain and fear.
  3. Women who stick to their girlfriends and never go anywhere alone do it because they are insecure. If you’re not VERY good/persistent in your approach then you won’t be able to get anything from them. Insecure women are afraid of being rejected, passed over, or ignored. So if you look at them, a few times, and they know you have looked at them, then it quickly goes from interest to threatening to pass over, and they really do not like this, so they will run away. Solution: TALK TO THEM IMMEDIATELY. Express interest by just casual conversation. Oh, and be interesting, or SHE will drop you as uninteresting. Being interesting varies and you really need to equip yourself with things to talk about that you know they can get into.
  4. Don’t get attached. Its so easy to start to think about the girls in the room and put stupid names to them when you don’t know their actual names and get all attached and tied up into a few of them. DON’T.
  5. DO NOT LOOK ANGRY, FRUSTRATED, SCARED. Look like you just smoked a blunt. Really. I have never smoked marijuana in my life, but you need to look relaxed without trying to look relaxed. You have to be actually relaxed. DRop your facial muscles. Talk to anyone.
  6. ALREADY BEING TALKING TO SOMEONE is attractive to the girls. Stupid insecure girls won’t __approach__ two chatting people. Other girls may
  7. Intelligent girls behave differently from stupid girls. Stupid girls hang out in groups of two, and the really insecure ones talk to each other a lot. Even if you try really hard to break in on their conversation, they might respond for a few words, then drop out into conversation with their friend. They are trying to talk to you, they just don’t know how. Its too hard.
  8. WHEN YOU talk to a girl, you must LOCK HER GAZE and make extreme eye contact with her. She interprets looking away or down at the floor or around as DISINTEREST, BOREDOM, A BAD SIGN, YOU ARE UNTRUSTWORTHY, YOU ARE DANGEROUS. A girl has to be able to look into your eyes to communicate with you, and if your eyes FLIT when she looks into them, she sees a criminal and she will avoid you.
  9. When you look into her eyes, you’d be surprised at the extra degree of communication your conversation has acquired, BOTH WAYS. Watch for topics that make her eyes widen with interest, or her pupils dialate with fear. For me, I particularly noticed a bit of concern/this being an “edge” topic when I said something about parenting. I expressed disdain for high school, saying there was too much “parenting” in it. I’m not sure what the fear was, it could have been: “Does he not want children? Is he already a parent?” COuld have been either. Don’t know. Anyway.
  10. Now what you really think is in your face, and she can see it. So, if you don’t find what she’s saying interesting, and you don’t look it, you can’t just fake it with no effort like you could on the phone – your facial expression gives it all away. So she knows if you appear disinterested, she’ll quickly become disinterested as a defense mechanism.

  11. While intelligent girls .. can be a lot like birds. They used to call women birds.. they travel in flocks and they “perch” together. If several beautiful women perch, this is your chance. ENGAGE THEM. EACH. INDIVIDUALLY. OR CHOOSE ONE and capture her interest. If you are boring they will fly away. If you don’t say anything they will talk to each other, again, bad. If they start getting wrapped up in conversation with each other, its probably going to be a lot harder to “break in” (metaphor or pun not intended, and eww). The BEST TIME
  12. Smart women are every bit as driven .. by musculature and bulk, and tight buttocks and being good-looking, they just have an additional FILTER of “NO MEATHEADS”. If you are stupid, that’s fatal.
  13. COME PREPARED. BRING a “device” you can use as an excuse to exchange contact information, like an interesting website that you can totally describe whose URL you just can’t remember (offer her she can google search the keywords, or tell her, you know what, I’ll just send it to you. What’s your email address? if she likes you, she will not refuse. If she doesn’t like you, then this gives her an easy out to let you know that pretty clearly by saying she’ll just google search the keywords.)

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