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WELL! That was a fun day-and-a-half.

I had a project that wasn’t working and I kept working on it for 15 minutes and leaving it for 8 hours, working on it and then leaving it again. It was a really frustrating problem stream 0 size is too small when I was trying to DrawIndexedPrimitives.

Well, now I got it.

DrawIndexedPrimitivesworks as follows:


  PrimitiveType.TriangleList,  // the prim type to draw


  vertexCount, // THIS is the thing
  // that I screwed up.  I kept putting INDEXCOUNT here, which is
  // WRONG.  This is the base number of vertices you will VISIT
  // in this draw call.  If 4 vertices are used to draw 4 triangles
  // (as in a tet), then this number will be 4, NOT 12.


  indexCount / 3  // now THIS is the number of primitives that
  // you will end up drawing.  So HERE you take into account
  // the number of tris you are drawing.  If drawing a tet, then
  // this number would be 4.


See Shawn Hargreaves hair-follicle-saving example (but its still complex, mind you) about instanced models


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