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I’m watching through Mad About You now, and I’m on season 2, episode 20.

I’m so thoroughly disappointed and frustrated with the characters. Well, moreso the relationship between the actors. Something happened, starting from season 2 episode 15 – Virtual Reality. Its hilarious. I laughed out loud quite a few times that episode, hardest at the end.

“I was wrong.”

But that episode is the last good one before things go really downhill for this season.

Its not the writing. Its the actors and how they’re acting. They’re ruining it for me.

Paul acts like he hates his wife. They don’t seem to get along together at all. Yet they go through the motions of the “romantic” stuff that’s part of the script.

The fight scenes are .. disturbing. There’s real anger coming out there, it seems as if everyone’s against Paul.

It seems Paul is a dick.

It seems .. I don’t know. After watching these past few episodes, I started to feel this show is a lie.

They should change the title of this show from Mad About you to just Mad At You.

They’re not mad about each other. All the romance is completely gone and they seem to do nothing but get on each others nerves.

This show _should_ tank after this season, but something good must happen because apparently it doesn’t.


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