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Windows and windowing

  • Taskix for changing the order of windows in the taskbar
  • Ultramon for having a taskbar appear on each monitor

General tools

  • Winspector for examining Windows messages
  • Winmerge for code file diffing
  • WinDiff for diffing either single files, or entire folders. This is a powerful program, don’t let its simple appearance deceive you. Comes with Windows SDK, if you develop for Windows you probably already have it.
  • Regex Coach for testing out regular expressions
  • TCPView for looking at net connections that are active, and what program is using it
  • the rest of the SysInternals suite (great tools!)
  • PuTTY for telnet
  • a href=””>ws_ftp 6 for FTP file transfers, before it became bloatware
  • DaemonTools – mounts DVD images to your hard disk, though i like poweriso as well (*poweriso is not free, its shareware)
  • Teracopy. For copying files between disks. This application is BLAZINGLY fast, you won’t believe it – if you’re used to Windows Explorer copies.


  • GoldWave – a fantastic recorder/wav/sound editor
  • Winamp – just THE BEST media player. Now plays FLV!
  • VLC for all those avi’s that just refuse to play with anything else

NES and games


(this section lacking, i know)

  • Not so much these days, but multiple ie gives you ie 6

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