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windows 3.1 i wanted windows 95.
windows 95. i wanted windows 98, kinda.

windows 95. i REALLY wanted winxp.

winxp. wanted vista.

vista. back to xp.

xp. want windows 7? eah, not sure.

xp is good.

windows 7 RC? use it for a year? eah. I want xp.

do you see how one mess up, one “bad release” (yes, I HAVE tried it) – you just can’t have an o/s start up, look all fine, then it jump down your throat for “needing permission” to move a basic file.

i created my login name as “root”! what more do you want?

sheesh. i mean, if they want to shove security issues down my throat, they really shouldn’t do it this way.

also being a developer, I don’t like the “toy” messages – “this application has stopped working”

What? then start it back up again! vista, why are you screwing with me?

I mean, saying “the application BROKE” would make more sense. But “has stopped working” is just too gay and “politically correct” – it still makes me think that vista is behind the application “stopping to work”.

I do not like the vista LOOK. the aero scheme, and the new window layouts, i think its because i’m sour on vista. what was so sleek and cool when it first come out turned out to be a lie and a signature for “SLOW” – the one thing I cannot stand from my machine.

I’m HAPPY to hear that Windows 7 is a huge improvement over vista – that its like the “new XP” that everyone wanted for christmas in 2006. I’m not trying the beta or the RC, I don’t think. I’m just going to wait and hope it doesn’t suck.


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