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On Windows machines, almost every system I’ve seen starts with a C:\ drive.

You know, I still remember the days when the C:\ drive was new, and it was neat, because it meant you had a hard disk, which made this cool deep drilling sound when you accessed it.

A:\ and B:\ were the floppy disk drives. Usually you had something in the A:\ drive. When I was a kid, when we had the IBM PC Junior, if you wanted to play a game, you popped it into the A:\ drive and booted up. Digger was my favorite, then Styx.

I haven’t seen a machine with a floppy disk drive since… I don’t know when. Certainly not a NEW PC in well over 3-5 years now.

So machines today though, still start at C:\. Why? Well, the USB drive is removable.. its not a fixed thing, so it’d make little sense to make the “usb drive” A:\.

So what can you make A:\?

* CD/DVD-ram drive?
* primary hard disk partition!

I’d like to see, in the future, a 1G FAST “RAMDRIVE”. that’d be cool. when machines get ridiculous amounts of RAM (like 64G or something), you can allocate 2G of that RAM to an A:\ drive which gets wiped on computer shutdown. Its a GREAT scratch disk though – for putting stuff that you will only have there temporarily. Also it’d make a great recycling bin, requiring you to decided whether to delete or keep something on windows shutdown.

I personally just bought a new hard disk. And instead of making it E:\ or F:\, I decided to make it B:\. Hey! That’s new and unusual. I just couldn’t bring myself to make it A:\.

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