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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Well it turns out when you create a Newton field, and try to click the object you want it to affect, then “Fields/Affect selected object(s)” , that didn’t work, for me.

I get:

// Error: Please select the particle objects to be connected for emission or collision, or the particle objects/rigid bodies to be connected to fields.


So I solved this by selecting the fluid first, then creating the force via Fields/Newton.  Delete those other bad forces that don’t want to affect selected.

I had this fun problem this morning.  In the Render View:  Options / Test Resolution / Render Settings (and not that “Camera Panel” poison)

Orange lines in Maya mean you have “soft select” on.

Before this happened, you probably remember clicking on something like this:

To get to that dialog go here

Soft select is like “area of effect” select and manipulation. For example, with the curve I have there, scaling a face affects an _area_ of faces around it:

But you probably just want to turn it off! (Click the checkbox beside “Soft select” off)

So easy!

Just follow the instructions here.

All I did was Create / Polygon Primitives / Platonic Solids,

Then select at the right side in the channel box “Icosahedron”

Then Mesh / Smooth to add more polygons