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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Edit Mesh / Add Divisions .. will cut a polygonal mesh into uniform squares.

Exponential tessellates by triangular divisions. For example, I’ve tessellated this icosahedral sphere into a round version of the same by going to Edit Mesh / Add Divisions ..

After that, you can triangulate, using Edit Mesh / Add Divisions ..

You can experiment with the settings, but Exponential is the setting you need to add divisions to this type of mesh.

See also Mesh / Smooth.

Here’s a C++ function:

// Little endian (little end/lsb first)
inline UInt32 RGBA( Byte R, Byte G, Byte B, Byte A )
  return A<<(3*8) + B<<(2*8) + G<<(8) + R ; //LE
  //return R<<(3*8) + G<<(2*8) + B<<(8) + A ; //BE

What’s wrong with it?. Why doesn’t it return the correct value? Try and guess! No cheating!

Is it the bitshifting being wrong? No, that’s right

Is it that R, G, B, and A are Byte type, and Byte overflows? Nope, they are automatically promoted to int.

So guess what it is? GUESS!


Bitshift has a precedence lower than +. So the shifting is off (and by WAY too much in most cases!)

// Little endian (little end/lsb first)
inline UInt32 RGBA( Byte R, Byte G, Byte B, Byte A )
  return (A<<(3*8)) + (B<<(2*8)) + (G<<(8)) + R ; //LE // works
  // You could also change to bitwise OR, which has lower prec than +
  return A<<(3*8) | B<<(2*8) | G<<(8) | R ; //LE // works

So you dug out your old webcam. Want to take some pictures of food.

Well guess what. You can’t.

Even if you find the old Dynex CD and install it, Creative Live! center shows you that. (It is plugged in, BTW).

Just buy a new camera. 1.3MP wasn’t that good anyway.

What a stupid dialog.

View / pixel aspect ratio correction should be __unchecked__

You can, but it doesn’t work exactly as you’d expect.

To make the “rotate axis” _keyable_, you do this:

Once it’s keyable, it appears in your channel box

Sure you can now key the rotate axis.. but like I said it doesn’t work as you’d expect. The value I have entered there is 260.. but if you increase it to 300, it automatically changes to -60! How annoying.

there is the hard way, or you can use illustrator format.

Note that if you use too new a version of Illustrator, it doesn’t work. You get:

// Error: Command illustratorCurves failed. Open Script Editor for details.

Just save it as ILLUSTRATOR 3 and it will definitely work. FILE / SAVE AS .. (pick a name), THEN another dialog appears with a dropdown.

In Maya 2009, you can use up to ILLUSTRATOR 8 format, but ILLUSTRATOR 9 doesn’t work (for me anyway).