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There is this misleading marketing tactic used by coffee vendors, to sell you _dark_ roasted coffee as “stronger” coffee. Dark coffee is often labelled “robust”. The truth about “dark coffee”, which I’ll admit I didn’t know before:

1) DARK is a reference to HOW COOKED it is. Very dark coffee is very, very burnt.

(image from here)

2) There are tons of varieties of beans, but you can make dark and light coffee from the same original bag of beans. “Dark” coffee does not come from a “darker bean”. (In fact original coffee beans are always green).
3) You need higher quality beans to make and sell a light roast.

Companies like kicking horse coffee, seem to market dark roast as “more hardcore”. “454 horse power”, “Grizzly Claw”, “Hoodoo Jo”, and yes, even “KICK ASS!”, are all dark roasted coffees sold by them. More apt names would be names like “Volcanic”, “Pumice”, “Supernova”, and “Total Destruction”.

In fact, dark roasting burns away some of the caffeine (so there’s less caffeine in dark roasts, NOT more as “KICK ASS!” or “454 horse power” might have you think at first).

So the point is, there’s this misleading notion everywhere (with respect it’s not all coffee vendor’s faults.. but most people just don’t know)

Yes, in my opinion, dark roasting all but destroys the bean. I have started to believe coffee companies just want to sell more bean by selling off the crappy dark roast. Also DARK ROAST MAKES ME TIRED. I drink a lot of coffee and if I have 2 cups of dark roast, I won’t have nearly the same energy I will have if I drink 2 same “strength” cups of light roast.


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