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Rae Johnston posts about an experience in a Starbucks’ involving a Bioshock Infinite t-shirt.

I am not sticking up for that guy. He sounds like a loser. But I want to explain what I think is behind that behavior.

First of all reading her top tweets you can see she gets a lot of flack for being a girl gamer. That brings us to the first point:

Any guys that give girl gamers flack for being a girl are sexist guys period. They’re losers. The girl is on “their turf” so they subject her to bad treatment. Only losers do that and there’s no excuse for it.

Second is the encounter with that guy that got almost 10k retweets. The thing there is, there is already a bunch of internet memes about gamer girls who pretend to like games, only to get guys’ attention.

Also you have to keep in mind the shock value of hot girl gamers. Although this might not be true nerdy guys immediately think they have a shot at the nerdy hot girl. Because! Finally! A hot chick who digs the things I do. We’re on the same page! Blah blah blah.

He did a stupid thing calling you out rudely for the shirt. He was a moron. But these are just thoughts on what is going through nerds’ heads.


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