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Monthly Archives: March 2016

There’s this really strange feature in Word called a “hanging indent” paragraph.

Hanging indents get activated when you press “CTRL+T”.
To undo a hanging indent, you can simply do any of:

b) Click on the 2nd line and drag the indent bar back
c) Right click the second line, click Paragraph, then remove the indentation from that line.

TortoiseGit has a really great Word Document Comparison feature that you can use.

First, install PanDoc, then edit your .gitconfig to add the capability to GIT to decipher and compare Word files.

# Your .gitconfig is in C:\Users\William (where William is your Windows user name)
# Minimum required changes to your .gitconfig to enable Word doc comparisons
[diff "pandoc"]
 textconv=pandoc --to=markdown
 prompt = false

Next, install TortoiseGit.

In addition, you need to edit your .gitattributes file in your git project’s folder (add one if you don’t already have one in the root of your project).

# .gitattributes file in root folder of your git project
*.docx diff=pandoc

After you do this, if you right-click compare two .docx files, you will be able to compare them with each other. The first document clicked is the original document (top pane), the second document is the revised edition (bottom pane).

The changes to the final document (left pane) will be as if someone has gone through and edited original document with track changes on, using the changes that are in revised document.