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Monthly Archives: December 2016

From google dictionary:

Sarcasm: The use of irony to mock or convey contempt.

From theoatmeal:

Verbal irony: Speaker says one thing but means another. Example: “I love toast like that” but it is burnt.

Dramatic irony: An event occurs with significance the audience understands but characters do not. Isn’t this just a foreboding hint?
– Eg his breaking a plate. The audience knows it means it will be a bad day for him, but the other characters don’t interpret this.
– Its IRONIC that the characters don’t get it. They SHOULD GET IT because they’re in it, but they don’t because they can’t see what we see. And we get it when we shouldn’t because we’re not in it.

Situational irony: Key is reverse happens to what may have otherwise happened.
He tries to destroy my vehicle and I get a new one because I’m awarded extra cash to fix the vehicle which is so much that I get a new one (or I win a new car which I get by playing some game)