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Monthly Archives: November 2017

I’ve got a small beef with amazon drive. Although the service seems excellent, I was disappointed at their pull-back of an UNLIMITED STORAGE PLAN for only $89.97 (I think that was the price).

Something about the app irks me also. MAX_PATH.

The Amazon Drive application on Windows cannot keep your Amazon Drive folder in just C:\Amazon Drive. It has to be in C:\Users\<<USERNAME>>\Amazon Drive. I mean “Amazon Drive” (12 characters) is long enough as it is, but to require it to be in Users\MYNAME (a good 10-15 characters more) badly chews into the 260 character maximum of pathlength you are allowed on Windows.

So for my files in C:\Data\FolderA\FolderB\Really long folder name\Another really long folder name\Detailed file name with very long name.doc I may be SOL when it comes to just importing this directly into my C:\Users\MYNAME\Amazon Drive folder.

They should allow me to put my files at least in C:\AmazonDrive and not require a space in the name or if they really want me to feel comfortable HOW ABOUT AN 8 CHARACTER NAME like C:\AMAZONDR.