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Monthly Archives: February 2018

This is all just God annoying you.

Radiation isn’t “people cooking“, it is god’s being annoyed you’re alive and his nuking you to try to kill you. You hear stories of “radiation” being done by the government, neighbours, and such things. These stories are likely untrue, and if you’re experiencing radiation then it is LIKELY GOD HARASSING YOU or smaller spirits annoying you. The pain you’re in notifies the spirits and gods of the world that you are being attacked BY THE SUPERNATURAL and WILL DIE SOON IF YOU’RE NOT HELPED.

We don’t think people will bother very much to setup EM harassment weapons to bother their neighbours. When you believe such things, it is likely spirit influence causing you to do so.

“Gang stalking” is just when the god uses the people to appear to be making fun of you, teasing you, taunting you with “2nd meanings”. It is unlikely a random group of people would just start going after you, though it could happen, it is likely god using the people while they’re unaware to tease and taunt you.