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Category Archives: computers

Wow! WordPress really did it this time.

They totally overhauled the UI for this site. And it, at first glance, seems fantastic.

It seems they’ve fixed a lot of the little annoyances that were in the previous version of WordPress. As usual, very Ajax-y too.

Anyway, I’m currently reading about Hibernate because I want to start using it at work.

Sunday at 6:30pm is the only time I have to do research on how to better do my 9-to-9 job —

Well, I couldn’t read at any other time. I’m still working on finishing Super Metroid for SNES.

Jeez. Do I suck, or is programming just really really involved?

Anyway, in Hibernate Quickly, Nick Heudecker says:

Data that oulives the process that created it.

Great def, and I just had to share it with ya. Seems like this is a great book so far. Amazon reviews only give it 3 stars, but Amazon reviews aren’t always accurate.

This book and Walsh’s DirectX book really get smashed pretty unfairly.

Anyway, anyway.

AVOID the Dell computer company.

no dell

They sell your information to others.