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Category Archives: funny

this superstition index is fun to read.

ha ha ha. this is kind of amusing.

check out google trends for the words “i wish”

Google wish graph

it seems there’s a spike in “wishing” through google near christmas time. i remember when it was candles on a cake, an eyelash you stick down your shirt, a dandelion you blow the little white things off of, a pond into which you throw a penny. crossing your fingers. a wishbone.

why programmers grow beards

that comes from this codinghorror post “size is the enemy” (about programmers who think they can build huge pieces of software with relative ease).

I found the coding horror entry off of RandomAccess’s

oh its hilarious

Erin: “How do we keep them out for sure then?”

Bobo: “We’ll use a salt”

Erin: (shocked) “Don’t you think that’s going a little too far?”