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Category Archives: movies

I’m constantly trying to find where video game characters and ideas come from.

The latest in the series is

Demon Hunter from Warcraft 3 < = > William Wallace from Braveheart?

Watch the movie again, and the efficacy with which he cuts down his enemies. A good clip.


i’m thinking about there will be blood again tonight.

There’s one moment in particular that I’m still thinking about.

That is the moment when when Paul Sunday is trying to hack a deal with Daniel Plainview. Plainview says that in order to complete this deal, Paul has to proclaim “i am a false prophet; god is a superstition.”

So the camera cuts to a frontal angle. Paul’s face fills the screen as he makes the proclaimation repeatedly, louder and louder, at the encouragement of Plainsview.

Sheesh. Talk about subliminal.

I remember moments from films when I was a child that planted images in my mind that I simply could not forget. That image is planted in my mind and you simply cannot forget it.

I thought the movie was fantastic.

I think the critics overreacted (with positive enthsiasm), however.

The short of it is I was thoroughly entertained. Daniel Day-Lewis is fantastic. Maybe I’ll write more later, maybe not.