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Category Archives: music

she’s really good!

She picks a song out of a hat and does that song the next week.

I like her voice.

bremelanotide is a great record with a strange name.

rhythm, polished sound, great melodies, self-categorized as “nerdcore”.

favs: #1: “post-collegiate shuffle” – great chorus, good rap. chorus is catchy.
#2: “balloon flight”

sheena melwani is posting a bunch of covers to youtube.

they are quite good. She was interviewed by Cat Spencer and its kind of funny to see the person being interviewed on the radio.

If you haven’t yet heard Harvey Danger’s newest album “Little by Little…”, they’ve made it available for free download – ah generous.

I think the new album tries to be a bit too mature.

To be honest, I was quite put off by the opening lyrics of the first song on “Little by Little…”

Wine women and song,
I tried them all it did not take me long
To figure I’d unlocked the door to happiness
I figured wrong with a capital “R”

That just doesn’t resonate as much as

I’m not sick, but I’m not well

BTW, check this out great lip dub by the same group that runs Vimeo, CollegeHumor, Busted Tees, and Defunker.


a great site, at first blush here, i’m seeing recordings are quite a bit less than perfect. there are chairs creaking and coughs in the background. i’ll try looking for a few more recordings before giving up on it.

I originally got the reference to musopen from this article about music for studying

somaFM radio

weird and cool sigur-ros


some pervert __released on the internet__ was was presumably a very private affair.

OH WE KNOW SOMETHING NEW NOW! Meg had SEX with a regular man. BIG FRICKIN DEAL. people are so stupid. honestly. all the people who criticize her or even made a big deal about this tape should have to take a vow of celebacy.

if you can’t keep it then keep your mouth shut, fucktards.