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how can anyone take python seriously?

Background: Avid PHP user. Thought about switching over to Python.

At first, I thought, let’s use Python 3.0. Then I thought, well, that’s a bit new, let’s use Python 2.6. Then I realized that you CAN’T (as of right now, dec 26/08) use the STANDARD MySQLDB extension to Python unless you’re on Python 2.4 (32 bit) or Python 2.5 (32 bit). On Windows anyway, the extension SIMPLY WON’T INSTALL for anything other than Python 2.4 (32-bit) or Python 2.5 (32-bit). It won’t even work for the 64-bit version of Python 2.5.

I find the blazen lack of … EASE to connect to a MySQL database .. concerning. I mean, in PHP, mysql_connect() has been PART OF THE PHP language for I don’t know how long. AT LEAST since PHP 4. I find it absolutely amazing that something as popular as Python doesn’t think to / doesn’t feel a need to integrate MySQL connectability like as a CORE PART of its language .. not to be left to somebody else to do and wait for an extension to come out for Python 3. KNOW WHAT I MEAN?? I just can’t take Python seriously as a web development platform if they haven’t bothered to provide first class functionality to CONNECT to a MySQL database in the latest hash of their language. Nah mean.

At a glance here, compared with PHP, I think that Python is simply light years behind. Unless you use a framework, you’re going to have hella time even maintaining a SESSION (see code example 7.3).

This doesn’t seem like the way to go to me, at all. session_start() anyone?

Maybe they didn’t want to crowd the language with functions as PHP is crowded with functions. But still. I’m absolutely amazed at how low level, and the fact that you have to hunt down and install separate extensions, with this language to get basic stuff done that you absolutely must have to build a web app.

I still have yet to resolve the difference between activepython and the stuff.