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Sometimes, you get shafted.

Sometimes the shafting occurs because the people or company you’re scheduled to meet with really don’t want to meet with you. They think you’re a loser, and spending time with you is a waste of time, so they’re reluctant to do so.

Other times, this “shafting” occurs because meeting with you is a high priority for the other party, but a highly urgent matter has come up, and thus you have been shafted.

Or, there could be any number of other reasons for the shafting.

Taking getting shafted to mean “they think I’m a loser” immediately and without proof of that notion makes you a bigger loser than if you just think “something truly urgent must have come up, that is why our meeting has been cancelled.”

This is because if you think people shaft you because you are a loser, then it probably means you really are a loser, and have a very low opinion of yourself. Having a low opinion of yourself inhibits you from moving forward because if you don’t respect yourself, no one else will.

Think of an alien from a planet you’ve never seen before. Assume you can communicate. If you ask it: “What are you? Good or evil?”

The alien responds “I am scum and absolute evil shit.”

You will likely believe it, at least temporarily, unless you have evidence to the contrary.

Similarly if the alien responds: “I am a kind and loving creature. I love everything and I am a blessing to this planet since I got here.”

You will likely believe it, at least temporarily, unless you have evidence to the contrary.

So the point is: DO NOT THINK YOU ARE A LOSER, EVEN IF YOU ARE A LOSER. Because the more of a loser you think you are, the more of a loser people will see you as. Being a loser is a vicious cycle that re-inforces itself, really.

on a scrap of paper I found today whilst cleaning, I wrote

A good filter is loose clothes.

lol. I’m not sure why I wrote it, but it was written a long time ago, I suppose, judging by the age of the paper.

I think I was just fed up.

This is sort of like a survey question, sparked by a curious discussion.

I don’t expect very many people to actually answer it — but it would be interesting if people did.

But it came to me, so I thought I’d post it nonetheless.

1. Best friend, same sex
2. Best friend, opposite sex
3. Any friend, same sex
4. Any friend, opposite sex
5. Mother
6. Father
7. Sibling (brother)
8. Sibling (sister)
9. Anyone really (No restrictions)

Lyra u SUCK

“After a brief encounter and months of daily talking, I took the plunge and went to visit him.”


RIGHT AWAY I could tell that wouldn’t work out. YOU ARE the lady, no? You should not have extended yourself that far to go see that man. He should have come to see you. That’s the way it goes.

Jeez. The things good women do for stupid men.

Does this ever happen to you?

You’re having a decent conversation with someone, then, for some reason, something switches on in your head and you check out her breasts. Or you look somewhere that you shouldn’t really be looking in a normal street conversation.

Before she thought you were kind of cute, but now she thinks you’re just rude. She seems to want to close the conversation.

What can you do or say to recover?

Ever notice how your girlfriends dismiss guys?

I just realized I like girls that dismiss guys aggressively. Those girls usually know what they want!

I hate online relationships.

my advice: take it off. line.