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Category Archives: cellphones

I really like virgin mobile.

I mean really.

Calling their customer service is the complete opposite of what you get with most other companies.

Its warm human contact. I love their agents. They’re nice, charming, cool, and fun to talk to. They’re really eager to help. I have never seen this level of customer service in my life.

Its the complete opposite of what you get with Bell (foreign accent that doesn’t seem to know what the product). I’m sorry if that sounds racist, but that really is the case. There’s something about being given a guy with an indian accent to talk to that feels short-end-of-the stick (note this isn’t racist: I didn’t say anything bad about Indian people, I only said I didn’t like being given a guy with an Indian accent). You just know they’re offshoring and its just so cheap.

I really hope Virgin becomes like the de-facto cell phone provider in the world and also keeps their ways. With the just.. stark, sheer differences in the services Virgin should be killing Bell in every sense of the word.

I’m just so .. at a loss for words at how much BETTER Virgin is then Bell and for all the years I stayed with Bell I really .. just regret it.. its real regret man. All the mistreatment, waiting, just abuse, really that’s what it is, and there’s virgin right there, better services and all..

OH AND before I froget, their voice answering system is the cleanest shit i’ve ever saw in my fucking life. they don’t bother you with Bell’s BULLSHIT “say your phone number” — WTF. Bell should know by now that people HATE voice recognition bullshit and its ANNOYING to have to SAY what you want. I think the Bell marketing people don’t have it. They really don’t. I mean really don’t. Virgin GETS IT. Bell doesn’t.