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Reading rainbow moment

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Excuse me, but I’m about to have a reading rainbow moment.

If you’ve ever wanted to program microcontrollers, or understand how embedded computers work, but didn’t know where to start, Tom Igoe’s book is the place for you.

dah dah daaaah!

Here’s Tom Igoe’s website, a helpful article on choosing microcontrollers, and his course’s page (i’m not enrolled though, unfortuantely!

Its a fantastic book and I would recommend it for anyone with even a passing interest in the subject.

Extremely well written, fun to read, and full of pointers.

I would also recommend it for any undergraduate electrical/computer engineers taking any sort of assembly language or hardware programming course. Definitely beneficial.

In the book he’s covering the PIC 18F452 (an 8-bit chip), and BASIC Stamp-like chips. He uses BASIC (Beginner’s All Purpose Instruction Code) to program the chips. Tom outlines the benefits of using a Stamp-like chip vs the PIC chips in the book quite clearly.

Anyhow, I was personally very interested in learning about using C to program a microcontroller.

So here are some notes on PIC (from randomly bouncing around the internet, mostly)

A bit about PIC microcontrollers