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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Maya rotate snap hotkey is j

j means rotate snap, because you know, in original english rotation by discrete amounts of 15 degrees was called “jotation”.

Anyway, double clicking the ROTATE TOOL gives you a box @ right, you can modify the size of the discrete step there.

If you notice, holding j “temporarily” clicks on the “discrete rotate” setting.

Maya vertex snap hotkey is v

If you hold v it will let you snap a vertex to another one while dragging.

Maya show vertex location

Maya is a visual editor, so they actually hid the information of the numerical coordinates of the vertices pretty well.

You can usually get the results you want by snapping. But when you can’t, there’s the Component Editor.

You go to Window / General Editors / Component Editor to get it. I learned this from a SimplyMaya thread.

I almost forgot the simple formula for checkerboarding,

if( (i % 2) == (j % 2) )  WHITE;
else BLACK ;

If both i and j are EVEN, OR both i and j are ODD, you get one color. If they differ in “oddness” then you get the other color.

There is a really shitty post on stackoverflow about this, filled with nonsense.

I’m working with old OpenGL code. Specifically, code based off GLES2Sample.

There was a slight change around iOS 5.0 or so, requiring you to have a root view controller. If your code is based off older sample code, such as GLES2Sample, then no root view controller was created in those code samples.

To fix GLES2Sample, I know the following fix works. Right in `applicationDidFinishLaunching`, I create a root view controller and attach my glView to it.

    - (void) applicationDidFinishLaunching:(UIApplication *)application
      // To make the 'Application windows are expected
      // to have a root view controller
      // at the end of application launch' warning go away,
      // you should have a rootviewcontroller,
      // but this app doesn't have one at all.
      window.rootViewController = [[UIViewController alloc] init];  // MAKE ONE
      window.rootViewController.view = glView; // MUST SET THIS UP OTHERWISE

That makes the warning go away, and doesn’t really affect your app otherwise.